Tennis in New York – Petkovic about US Open cancellation: Head was ultimately against it

New York (AP) – German tennis player Andrea Petkovic has justified her distance from the US Open for fear of a possible quarantine.

“I spent a whole week thinking about what I would do, whether or not I would fly,” said the 32-year-old from Darmstadt of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Ultimately, the “combination of risk, corona, long-haul flight and the knee” made all the difference, revealed the former top ten player, who underwent knee surgery early this year.

“What I feared most was that, for whatever reason, I would test positive there and be quarantined, so that the players would go into spatial quarantine for fourteen days if necessary. Then I wouldn’t go in for them. Being Europe. There are clay court tournaments, which are my hobbyhorse, especially the French Open, which I really want to play, “said Petkovic. “Besides, my sister is getting married in mid-September, and I really didn’t want to be quarantined in New York.”

However, the Hessian admitted it was a “fity-fity” decision. As more and more players canceled the Grand Slam tournament, “I thought, hey, maybe you have a chance to get really far. My emotions really wanted to play and use the chance. But in the end my head was against it. Was a nice win. It was about 0.5 percent, ”said Petkovic.

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