Tennis tournament in Hamburg possible for 2300 spectators

Hamburg (dpa) – The tennis tournament in Rothenbaum in Hamburg can be played for up to 2,300 spectators. The domestic authorities announced this after the Hanseatic city had previously decided to adjust the scheme to contain the corona virus.

The Hamburg European Open for men will take place from September 19-27 at the traditional venue. Under the new regulations, the admission of more than 1000 spectators to outdoor sports events will be possible in individual cases in the future if the event takes place at an event location without a closed roof construction with, if possible, more than 10,000 permanent seats and if the event location has secure entrances and exits. has an unlimited supply of fresh air. Serving alcohol is prohibited.

“The traditional tennis tournament in Rothenbaum will be the first sporting event with a larger number of spectators in Hamburg. I am pleased that in this case we can exceed the limit of 1000 visitors,” said Hamburg sports senator Andy Grote (SPD).

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