Tens of thousands of Californians from fire without electricity

The situation in California has deteriorated in recent days due to several factors: The blazing wildfires are spreading. The largest energy supplier must now draw conclusions.

Strong winds, drought and heat are exacerbating the situation in the California wildfires. Worse things still need to be prevented: that’s why thousands of households have turned off their electricity and national forests have been closed to visitors.

In the fight against the devastating California wildfires and wildfires, electricity has been shut down in parts of the US state. California’s largest energy provider, PG&E, began a precautionary shutdown of power lines in particularly endangered areas, such as in the Northern Sacramento Valley, Monday night. About 172,000 households supplying PG&E with electricity have been affected, the company said. This should reduce the risk of wildfires from the live power lines, he said.

Forest fires are spreading in the southeast

Meanwhile, a dangerous forest and forest fire southeast of San Francisco in the Sierra National Forest spread at a dramatic rate. According to the fire department, the so-called Creek Fire had already covered an area of ​​about 550 square kilometers on Tuesday morning, about twice as many as on the weekend. In comparison, that is more than twice the area of ​​the city of Frankfurt. The fire didn’t start until Friday.

The fire destroyed 45 homes and now threatened 5,300 buildings, as the Fresno Fire Department announced. Nearly 1,100 firefighters, nine helicopters and countless firefighting planes were in action. So far, the fire has been under zero percent control, according to the fire service. During the weekend, more than 200 holidaymakers were brought to safety by helicopter from a camping site in the forest because the access road was no longer passable.

California Emergency Services: Electricity has been turned off as a precaution. (Source: ZUMA Wire / Image Images)

Strong winds were expected in the region until Wednesday, further increasing the risk of fire in the currently very dry and hot conditions. Electricity pylons can fall, branches can tear cables and cause sparks. Damaged power lines had repeatedly caused fires in the past. The utility company PG&E called on people to use as little electricity as possible. The extreme weather actually increases demand in the nationwide power grid, he said. When it is very hot, California’s air conditioning systems run at full blast, which can lead to electricity shortages.

Popular tourist destinations hit

Due to the risk of wildfires, numerous state forests are also closed to visitors in the west coast state. Popular tourist destinations such as Sequoia National Forest, known for its sequoia trees, and the area around Mount Whitney (4,421 meters), the highest mountain in the United States outside of Alaska, are affected.

In recent weeks there have been hundreds of fires in the west coast state from lightning strikes. In the heat of the week, new fires flared up in Southern California as well. This year, more than 8,100 square kilometers of land had already been burned in California, the fire authority announced Monday. This corresponds to about half of the area of ​​Schleswig-Holstein. The destruction already exceeds the total fire area in 2018, when California wildfires also raged. About 14,000 firefighters are currently working on various fires, it said.

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