After the decapitation of a teacher for a Parisian school, an 18-year-old student is an alleged perpetrator. Nine people around him were arrested. Have you been in contact with terrorists?

Fright and deep horror in France: another attacker who brutally struck because of Mohammed cartoons. The culprit ambushed a teacher in a suburb of Paris and then beheaded him. Prime Minister Jean Castex said the republic has been hit at heart by Islamic terrorism. Several people, including those close to the alleged attacker, have been arrested. Numerous people took to the streets on Saturday in solidarity with the dead.

According to prosecutor Jean-François Ricard, the alleged attacker is a man of Russian and Chechen descent, born in 2002. He came to France as a refugee and, according to the Russian embassy, ​​lived in France for 12 years. He has been required to have a residence permit since this spring.

The 18-year-old has not been noticed due to radicalization. He was known to the police for criminal offenses, for which he was not convicted, the prosecutor said Saturday. He was then shot by the police. Before that, he allegedly published a photo of the victim on the Internet and sent a message to French President Emmanuel Macron, whom he described as the “leader of the infidels”. “I executed one of your hellhounds who dared to belittle Mohammed.”

Those arrested appear to be linked to Islamists

The incident took place on Friday afternoon in the Parisian suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. There, the attacker killed the 47-year-old teacher – his body was found decapitated with numerous wounds on the upper body and head. Investigators also found a blood-stained knife about 12 inches long near the crime scene.

Several family members of the perpetrator were taken into custody on Friday evening. According to information from court circles, five other people were later arrested, including the father of a student who allegedly argued with the teacher about his lessons. The father had complained on the Internet that the teacher showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. According to the public prosecutor, the half-sister of the arrested would have moved to Syria for the jihadist militia of the Islamic State (IS).

Teacher showed Mohammed cartoons in class

Prosecutor Ricard commented extensively on the alleged background to the crime. The attack was preceded by threats against the teacher and the school. The teacher had taken up the subject of freedom of expression in class in early October. The reason was the reissue of Mohammed cartoons by the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”. The teacher showed accompanying caricatures in the classroom.

A father then posted messages on social networks, complained to the school management and mobilized against the teacher. According to the media, the father was escorted to school by a well-known Islamist who, like the father, is now in custody.

On Saturday morning there were countless flowers in front of the victim’s school. The teacher was much appreciated for his kindness and courtesy, said Nordine Chaouadi, the mother of a student at AFP news agency.

The Prosecution did not disclose whether the alleged assailant had ever been a student at the victim’s school. According to the information, he had shortly afterwards published a revenge action on the short message service Twitter.

Macron: “They won’t divide us”

According to President Emmanuel Macron, the attack is “clearly” an “Islamist terrorist attack”. The anti-terrorist prosecutor has been investigating “murder” in connection with a terrorist act and for a “criminal terrorist organization” since Friday.

When Macron spoke briefly to school on Friday night, he said, “You can’t get through. You don’t divide us. ‘ The teacher was murdered for teaching his students “freedom of speech and the freedom to believe and not to believe”.

Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas (SPD) and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen also condemned the fatal attack. “We must never allow ourselves to be intimidated by terror, extremism and violence,” Maas wrote in the short Twitter message service on Saturday. Von der Leyen stressed the importance of teachers in democracy.

Editors of satirical newspaper repeatedly a target of terror

Just a few weeks ago, there was a knife attack on the former “Charlie Hebdo” editorial building in Paris. Two people were injured – here too the perpetrator had given Mohammed caricatures as a motif.

In January 2015, a devastating assassination attempt took place on the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo”, killing the paper’s main illustrators. The trial of alleged helpers of the Islamic terror series is currently underway in January 2015 in Paris, killing a total of 17 people.

For security reasons, the editorial team is now in a secret location. After the crime on Friday, the satirical newspaper spoke on the online service Twitter about a “feeling of horror and indignation.”

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