Not every member of the Bundestag earns his living exclusively from politics: some parliamentarians earn hundreds of thousands of euros on top of that. An overview of all extra earnings.

They work as tax advisers, as lawyers and entrepreneurs, some of whom earn huge income from speeches: almost every third member of the Bundestag earns something in addition to their diet of over $ 10,000 a month. This is evident from the self-reports that parliamentarians have to make to the Bundestag – and which have been published by the Bundestag government. Chillreport has evaluated the data. Before that, the transparency initiative “Abestag Watch” had collected and processed them together with “Spiegel”.

Many MEPs have a side job, but earn little or no income from it. Additional earnings can only be declared if the income from this amounts to more than 1,000 euros per month or 10,000 euros per year.

The top earners at a glance

In this term to mid-year, the top earners are not only members of the more economically related union parties, the FDP and the AfD. Left-wing and SPD politicians sometimes also earn well from their side jobs. For example Gregor Gysi, who has provided an extra income of at least 470,000 euros. In the case of the prominent left-wing politician, his lectures and his legal work are of particular importance. FDP boss Christian Lindner also earns just as much from speeches.

You can use this chart to find out how much your Member of Parliament is improving his taxpayers’ diet through side activities. It shows all federal constituencies. *

The undisputed top earner in the Bundestag is – at least in terms of turnover until July 31 – the independent tax advisor Sebastian Brehm of the CSU. He has given at least EUR 3.13 million as a side income. However, for self-employed people, gross sales are listed on the Bundestag page, so the actual extra income is likely to be significantly lower.

Entrepreneur Carl-Julius Cronenberg (minimum 1.54 million euros, FDP), tax adviser Enrico Komning (minimum 950,000 euros, AfD) and strategy advisor Peter Ramsauer (minimum 900,000 euros, CSU) can count among other high earners during this term. The highest-earning Social Democrat in the Bundestag is the pediatrician Nezahat Baradari with at least 450,000 euros until the end of July. Cem Özdemir is a top earner among the Greens: with nearly 40,000 euros, mainly from lectures.

* The map does not take into account constituency 246 (Roth in Bavaria). Marlene Mortler (CSU) left there, as did her successor Astrid Freudenstein. Her successor Tobias Zech, on the other hand, did not run as a direct candidate and therefore cannot be assigned to the constituency.

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