Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer have won World Footballer of the Year. But the festive mood is somewhat cloudy. Because the successful coach Flick got the short straw against Klopp – and there are reasons.

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World coach Jürgen Klopp of the English football champions FC Liverpool was ashamed of his successful title defense at the Fifa gala. “I think a lot of people were surprised when I heard my name. I thought Hansi Flick would win it,” Klopp said at the press conference after the awards ceremony on Thursday.

“Hansi would have deserved it”

Flick had led Bayern Munich to the triple and also won the German and European Supercups, while Klopp brought “only” the first English championship in 30 years to Liverpool. “I can hardly believe it, to be honest. Hansi deserved it, that’s why I was so surprised,” said Klopp. But he considers the award as best coach a “great honor”.

According to FIFA, that Jürgen Klopp eventually won was due to a peculiarity in the rules. Flick and Klopp had the same number of points according to the votes cast by coaches, team captains, media and fans: 24. In the event of a tie, Article 12 of the distribution rules applies. Accordingly, “Jürgen Klopp was declared the winner based on the votes of the national team manager,” Fifa writes.

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