Liberal America is celebrating, Donald Trump refuses to admit it. After hours of radio silence, he published his first tweet since the result in the afternoon – with old messages.

Donald Trump was playing golf at his private Virginia club when news from Washington spread around the world shortly before 7:30: Joe Biden is to be the new president of the United States of America. Trump had gone there in the morning, employees informed him by phone about the news, according to the “New York Times.”

His team then released a statement from the president not acknowledging the election victory: “The simple fact is that this election is far from over.” On Twitter, where the president often and often likes to give his opinion unfiltered, it is quiet for hours – probably also because of the golf trip.

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It’s almost 5 p.m. when Trump drops his first tweet after Biden’s election. In Capital Letters. In doing so, he sticks to the messages he has practiced in recent days. He also claims, “I won the election.”

And again he speaks of election fraud without providing any evidence. When the votes were counted, “bad things happened,” he writes. Republican election observers were deliberately disfellowshipped. “That has never happened before.”

In fact, there is no evidence so far that such a thing has happened to any relevant extent. There is even less evidence that it would change anything in the election results as Biden is now leading quite comfortably. Twitter then immediately issued a warning to Trump’s message: “The election fraud allegation is controversial.” According to experts and studies, electoral fraud is extremely rare in the US.

In a second tweet a few minutes later, Trump wrote that he had received 71 million “legal votes,” more than any other sitting US president before that. It’s not even 71 million so far, but the rest is right, it’s a record. Only, challenger Biden has just received more than 74.5 million votes.

As Trump tweets angrily, tens of thousands in many cities across the United States are celebrating Biden’s election victory – many right outside Trump’s door, on the streets around the White House.

A man there selling water from a shopping cart to the revelers laughs in the afternoon and shouts, “It feels like America again!”

See the video above or here Impressions of the atmosphere during the celebrations in Washington.

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