Manchester (AP) – German national footballer Ilkay Gündogan has urgently warned about the corona virus after surviving Covid-19 disease.

“In the meantime it had hit me hard,” said Gundogan. “It took a few days for me to gradually get better. To be honest, I don’t remember when I was last hit by an infection.” In the meantime he is “so far fine” again.

The Manchester City professional warned against underestimation of the corona virus. “There is just no kidding about this virus,” said the 29-year-old. You have to take it much more seriously because of the current numbers. Some users have commented on social media that he would “chill at home and then work out again,” said Gundogan. “All I can say to these people is, no! Unfortunately, that was no fun.”

He said he could not explain where he contracted the coronavirus. “I follow all the rules, but unfortunately you can never rule it out completely, no matter how careful you are,” said Gundogan. “Others may have no symptoms at all, but are still positive and infect other people.”

As a competitive athlete, he does not belong to the risk group, the midfielder emphasized, but as a public figure he wanted to warn. The national player asked to adhere to the current rules. “Keep your distance and wear a mask,” warned Gundogan, who is not part of the upcoming DFB international matches in the Nations League. The DFB announced that he had to keep healing himself in his Club Man City: “There are millions of people at risk. Therefore, everyone must fulfill their responsibilities, even if they are not at greater risk themselves.”

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