The AfD has recently celebrated many successes in elections in East Germany. However, it now appears that many voters are withdrawing their trust. It could be due to a scandal and the withdrawal of party membership.

After numerous internal disputes, the AfD in East Germany has lost a lot of approval, according to an investigation, dropping from first to third place within a year. While the AfD here in the 40th calendar week of 2019 on the Sunday trend of the Kantar opinion research institute for “Bild am Sonntag” was 24 percent and thus one percentage point ahead of the CDU, it is now only 18 percent.

To the east, it is just behind the left (19 percent) and well behind the CDU (30 percent). The SPD has 13 percent in the east, the Greens 9 percent, the FDP 5 percent and the other parties 6 percent.

Last week, the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag kicked its former press spokesman Christian Lüth out after reports of inhumane comments about migrants in a TV documentary. In May, the AfD’s federal executive branch had revoked the membership of former Brandenburg president Andreas Kalbitz, justifying previous contacts in the far-right milieu.

Nationally, according to the survey, the Union loses one point, but remains by far the strongest force at 35 percent, the Left Party gaining one point and is now at 9 percent. All other parties remain at the level of the previous week: The Greens at 18 percent, the SPD at 16 percent, the AfD at 11 percent, the FDP at 6 percent and the other parties at 5 percent. Kantar interviewed 2,397 people for the study.

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