A few days ago, Diego Maradona celebrated his 60th birthday. However, the Argentinian’s jubilee year is clouded by concerns about his health. But now there is apparently good news.

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Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona has suffered a brain haemorrhage. “The operation in Maradona is over and it was a success,” his press spokesperson Sebasti├ín Sanchi wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “Everything went as planned. Diego is doing well and is now resting in his room.”

Maradona’s personal physician Leopoldo Luque had operated on the 1986 World Champion in a clinic in Olivos north of Buenos Aires for a subdural hematoma. This is bleeding between the hard meninges and the brain. Maradona was rushed to a hospital in La Plata on Monday. Initially, there was only emotional stress, anemia, and dehydration. The bleeding was detected during the tests.

Years of struggle against cocaine addiction

Maradona had already made a battered impression on his 60th birthday on Friday. Before his club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata first game after the Corona break, he came briefly to the stadium to receive congratulations and gifts. However, he had to be supported by two companions while walking. On the advice of his doctor, he watched the game from home.

The once ingenious playmaker has been fighting his cocaine addiction for years and, according to GP Luque, has recently used alcohol to escape depression, which is why he also takes antidepressants and suffers from insomnia. To deal with the situation, he had recently started a fitness program and had already lost significant weight.

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