The Bangladeshi-American was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Ruhul Abid

Bangladeshi-American Professor at Brown University in the United States. Ruhul Abid and his non-profit organization Health and Education for All (HEEFA) have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Ruhul and his institution are nominated by the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in the United States.

Said, according to the HEFA website. Ruhul Abid passed his Masters from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He later completed his PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from Nagoya University in Japan. Received a fellowship in 2001 from Harvard Medical School.

He is currently an Associate Professor at Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University, Principal Investigator at Rod Island Hospital and an executive faculty member at the Brown Global Health Initiative.

Brown University’s Global Health Initiative and software manufacturer Aprosoft have jointly developed Easy-to-Carry Electronic Medical Record (EMR). He named it ‘Neerog’.

On Tuesday, an English-language Dhaka Tribune in Bangladesh contacted Jane-Philippe Bellue, an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at the College of Liberal Arts in Boston University, Massachusetts. In response, he said. Ruhul Abid and his organization have confirmed his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination comes from the anthropology department, writes Jean-Philippe Bellue.

According to Dr. Ruhul Abid’s organization’s website, as a medical scientist, Dr. Abid has implemented various community health projects in Bangladesh. A volunteer-based textile factory worker since 2013 and a Rohingya healthcare project in Cox’s Bazar in 2016. Through these projects, training on health education, nutrition and personal hygiene including free medical treatment and medicines has been provided.

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