The Basic Law wants to abolish “lateral thinking” – but not be right-wing extremists

Reich flags flew over the Corona demonstration in Berlin, countless neo-Nazis were on the way, the organizers want to abolish the Basic Law. From the point of view of the initiative, these have nothing to do with each other.

The initiative “lateral thinking 711” denies that the protests it organizes are increasingly being taken over by right-wing extremists. Numerous well-known neo-Nazis, far-right parties and groups across Germany, empire citizens, conspiracy ideologists and AfD members of the German Democratic Republic attended the demonstration. Their symbols were ubiquitous. The spokesman for “lateral thinking” himself said in an interview with scene blogger Boris Reitschuster that the group wanted to abolish the basic law and work out a new constitution.

Nonetheless, in an interview with the SWR, the group’s founder, Michael Ballweg, now rejected allegations that the protests were right-wing extremists. He had “seen no right-wing extremists,” said Ballweg. His initiative is a “democratic movement”. The national flags, popular with neo-Nazis and empire citizens, were handed out. His initiative will in the future pay more attention to possible right-wing extremists.

During the protests in the capital against the federal government’s corona policy, the situation on the Reichstag, the seat of the Bundestag, escalated Saturday night: hundreds of conspiracy theories, Reich citizens and other right-wing extremists stormed the steps of the building, some waving the Reich flag. The police union (GdP) then warned that right-wing extremists “completely hijack” the movement. The protection of the Lower Saxony constitution sees it the same way.

According to Ballweg, the Stuttgart-based initiative “lateral thinking 711” will no longer organize the protests in the capital, but leave this to the Berlin spur “lateral thinking 30”. The spur in the capital still needed preparation time to be able to organize large demonstrations itself, but it is now possible. Lateral Thinking 711 will now focus again on the Stuttgart protests.

According to information from Rundfunks Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), a demonstration of the lateral thinking initiative originally planned for the Unified Holiday on October 3 is being moved to Konstanz. Ballweg told him that, RBB journalist Olaf Sundermeyer wrote in the short message service Twitter.

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