Within 24 hours of being named as the vice president of the Democrat Party, Kamala Harris has harshly attacked US President Donald Trump. Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he would nominate Kamala as the Democrat’s vice president. A day later, the Jo-Orange couple had their first campaign meeting in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday.

At the first rally, Kamala highlighted the wrong decisions made by the Trump administration in three and a half years. Referring to Donald Trump’s failure for president, he said, “If someone is disqualified, the result will be the same. Today, the honor of our country and our country is lost in the court of the world. What they gave us ? There are no jobs for more than 15 million people in the country. Millions of children cannot go to school. Poverty is increasing. Blacks, non-whites and indigenous people of the country are homeless today, suffering from insecurity. One in five children Today is suffering from food crisis. ‘

Kamala also accused Trump for the Corona crisis. Recalling the Ebola outbreak in the United States six years ago, Kamala stated, “Ebola was still an epidemic. But then President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden handled the situation. Only two people died in that epidemic in the US. Think the comparison today. While other countries are following science to reduce the rate of corona infection, President Trump believes in a miracle! ‘

Kamala blamed Trump’s indifferent attitude on wearing Trump’s mask and following remote rules. According to him, the President has given more importance to his opinion rather than experts in this regard. As a result, America is suffering today. 1 person is dying every 60 seconds.

Trump also did not retaliate. In an interview on Thursday, she called Kamala a ‘mad woman’. In the context of the country’s economic crisis, the US President stated that prior to the situation in Corona, the US economy was growing so fast that even though George Washington (the first US president) had arrived, he (Trump) could not beat them. Source: Reuters

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