The final decision in poker on a Brexit pact is being postponed again. After a phone call between EU Commissioner von der Leyen and Prime Minister Johnson, negotiations are still ongoing.

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Talks about a Brexit trade pact between Great Britain and the European Union are still ongoing. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on a phone call on Sunday, as both sides have announced.

A final decision on the negotiations should already have been made, but this has now been postponed again. The issues of fair competition and access for European fishermen to UK waters are particularly controversial. There is also no consensus on the instruments to be used to enforce the agreement.

The EU parliament is critical of the short-term agreement

Great Britain left the EU at the beginning of this year. There is still a transition period until the end of the year, when almost everything remains the same. If a trade pact has not yet been concluded by then, there is a risk of high rates and other trade barriers. Formalities and controls could temporarily halt traffic on the important English Channel ferry link between Dover and Calais, it is feared.

In theory, there would still be time for negotiations until just before the turn of the year. However, an agreement would have to be ratified or both parties would have to agree on provisional application. However, the European Parliament is very critical of this.

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