A singer from Cologne was released from prison in Turkey after two years. She was originally going to stay in prison for more than six years, but a court overturned the sentence.

The Cologne singer with the stage name Hozan Cane has been released after more than two years in prison in Turkey, according to her lawyer. Your client left prison in Istanbul’s Bakirköy neighborhood on Thursday night, Newroz Akalan said. A court had previously upheld the defense’s objection that the long imprisonment was disproportionate and ordered Canes’s release. However, an exit ban has been imposed, Akalan said.

Alleged membership of a terrorist organization

The singer was arrested in Edirne shortly before the presidential and parliamentary elections in June 2018. In November of that year, she was sentenced to six years and three months in prison for membership in a terrorist organization. The case was reopened in August after the Supreme Court of Appeal failed to uphold the verdict. There is no clear evidence of the supposed membership of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK, it was said to justify it. The charges were based on content from Facebook and Twitter profiles. The matter had strained German-Turkish relations.

The SPD group’s human rights policy spokesman Frank Schwabe, who is observing the proceedings against Cane, told the dpa: “Hozan Cane was wrongly in prison. She is a singer who is politically committed to her art. But that is. is not a crime. “

Singer Hozan Cane: After more than two years in prison in Turkey, the singer is free. (Source: dpa)

On the last day of the trial in August, the court in Edirne, western Turkey, had refused to release the singer on the grounds of the risk of escape and because she wanted to wait for a medical examination of Canes’ health. The singer stated that she suffered from severe asthma and high blood pressure and that her health had deteriorated during her detention.

Cane’s daughter is also being charged

Cane has Kurdish roots and only has German citizenship. Your trial period will continue on October 20. The trial of Cane’s daughter Gönül Örs, accused of terrorist propaganda for the PKK in Turkey, continues in Istanbul on Thursday. The background to the allegations against Örs was a 2012 protest on a ship in Cologne. According to her lawyer, an investigation against Örs in this case in Germany has been halted. Örs was held under house arrest in June, but she is not allowed to leave the country.

SPD politician Schwabe said he now expects the ban on Örs to be lifted and Cane to be able to leave the country within weeks after her trial continues.

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