In California, doctors separated the conjoined twins during major surgery. The girls had grown together in their heads. The procedure had been scheduled for months.

In a rare 24-hour operation, California doctors have managed to separate conjoined twins who have grown together on their heads. The nine-month-old girls, Abigail and Micaela, had grown together in the back of their heads, said Children’s Hospital at Davis University in Northern California. That makes up just two percent of the already rare cases of fused twins, he said.

30 doctors and helpers involved in the operation

The marathon intervention on October 23 and 24 involved 30 doctors and helpers. They had to separate common veins and brain tissue and create a separate blood supply for both babies. Despite the high risk, the procedure went without complications, the medical team said.

The doctors had already prepared for the separation operation during the mother’s pregnancy and after the girl was born last December and simulated the complicated procedure on dolls and three-dimensional models.

Girls have three brothers

You couldn’t thank the doctors enough, the girls’ mother, Liliya Miroshnik, said in an interview. A video from the hospital shows the 33-year-old with one of the babies in her arms a few days after surgery. The parents in Sacramento, California already have three sons.

Siamese twins are what medicine describes as an unusual abnormal development in identical twins whose bodies have grown together. This happens in the early stages of development in the womb. Some babies have grown together only superficially, others share organs or limbs. Siamese twins are extremely rare.

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