A lake between Kosovo and Serbia is named after US President Trump. Originally, the suggestion was probably a joke, but it was received with open ears.

A controversial reservoir between Kosovo and Serbia could soon bear the name of US President Donald Trump: Kosovar Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti wrote on Twitter on Friday that he supports a proposal by US diplomat Richard Grenell to name it more after Trump – like Thanks for mediating in the conflict with Belgrade.

Banner: “Trump Lake”

On Thursday there was a banner on the Kosovar side of the reservoir with the text “Trump Lake”. A banner on the Serbian side thanked the US president for bringing “peace” to the region. The Serbian government has not yet made any official statements about the possible renaming.

Brokered by the US Special Envoy to Serbia and Kosovo, Grenell, an economic rapprochement agreement was recently reached and signed at the White House in early September. It also provides for a feasibility study to “divide” the disputed lake claimed by both Kosovo and Serbia.

The suggestion was originally a joke

Grenell said on an American talk show recently that his suggestion to name it more after Trump was originally a joke. “There was an incredible argument about the name (of the lake), so I jokingly said, ‘I’ll just talk about Trump Lake,’ said the former US ambassador to Berlin. in and stated that they agreed with such a renaming.

There has been a dispute for years about the reservoir, which in Kosovo is called Ujman and in Serbia Gasiwode. Three-quarters of the 24-kilometer-long body of water is on Kosovo territory and is an important drinking water reservoir for about a third of the Kosovar population. Most of the cooling water for Kosovo’s coal-fired power plants is also taken from the lake. Serbia, on the other hand, views it more as its state property.

Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 2008. The Belgrade government still does not recognize the independence of its former province.

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