Although coronavirus virus vaccines have been discovered, the number of people infected with the virus is increasing worldwide. The animals were not excluded from the list of victims. This time coronovirus has been found in the bodies of four lions at Barcelona Zoo in Spain. The case was confirmed by the local veterinary department on Tuesday.File image

The victims included three lions and a lioness. There are three lions – Zilla, Nima and Rann. The name of the lion or.

Kimber lived for four years. The lions are 18 years old.

The people in charge of their care at the zoo were the first to recognize corona symptoms in their bodies. If the case is confirmed and tested, a Corona positive report arrives.

Exactly how the animals were infected is not known. However, the authorities have already initiated the investigation. The animal is believed to have come in contact with an infected person.

Lions are currently being looked after. Doctors said that their clinical condition is much better than before. They are responding well to treatment.

Infected lions are kept separately. They are not allowed to go to the rest of the zoo animals. However, zoo activities continue. Tourists are gathering there to see the rest of the animals. Sources: BBC, The Wall

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