“The drop is sucked” – Leclerc crashes into the pile of tires

The home race in Monza is a complete disaster for Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel leaves early – in a spectacular way. Afterwards, the four-time world champion speaks clear language.

The home race in Monza didn’t bring any luck to Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari either: the four-time world champion was eliminated from the Italian Grand Prix after seven laps – and in a spectacular way: the pits recognized a “problem on the left” in the first few laps. a little later, after the start and finish, Vettel drove straight ahead in the first chicane and there almost uncontrollably broke through the styrofoam signpost. “The line has exploded. I no longer have a brake pedal,” he sent to the pits by radio. On the way back to the garage, flames erupted from Vettel’s left rear wheel – the end.

“The drop is bad”, he said afterwards at RTL, “this year will remain difficult, and next year will not affect me anymore. The team has chosen a different direction than I have.” At the end of the season, Vettel has to leave Ferrari.

“I don’t know what to do now,” said Vettel, “You keep thinking, it can’t get any worse. But apparently it’s getting worse this year. I wouldn’t say it’s frustrating, but it’s just annoying. The nice factor is not at its peak at the moment. Tuesday I am in the simulator for the first time, and at least that is holding up. “At Monza he only started from 17th place, and in the first few laps he only spun at eye level with the usual drivers in the back of the Williams and Haas cars. “What else can I do? I have my job here and I want to finish it,” said Vettel at “Sky”. “At the moment we can really get started with our hats and all that, but we have to get through that now.”

And: Shortly after the Vettel-Aus, the Ferrari disaster in the home race was finally perfect – because teammate Charles Leclerc also had to park his car involuntarily. The Monegasse hit the tire wall with great force, but was unharmed. The race had to be interrupted after the accident.

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