The DSV-Adler have already convinced during the individual world championships ski flying. Geiger took the title, Eisenbichler came third. In the team competition, the Germans were the favorites – and just missed the mark.

Karl Geiger has been able to call himself world champion ski flying since Saturday. He won the title in Planica, Slovenia. His teammate Markus Eisenbichler also showed a good performance and finished third. The DSV team therefore entered the team competition as the favorite on Sunday. And just missed the title. Norway won.

First run – 21-year-old Schmid shows his class

Constantin Schmid was the first German show jumper to achieve a solid performance with 220.5 meters. The Norwegians led the field, followed by Poland and the DSV team. Only an opening of eight meters separated the Germans from the Norwegians.

Schmid afterwards in the “ARD”: “The pressure was just as great as I had said it myself. I wanted to perform well, that worked out well. Now for a second time.”

Eisenbichler puts DSV team in the lead

Pius Paschke also kept the gap with the Polish ahead and also flew 220 meters. He provided the best conditions for Markus Eisenbichler, who delivered as always. With his jump over 230 meters, he put the German team at the top of the rankings. Nor could the Norwegians get past his mark.

“I got the most out of it and I am really satisfied. That was a good jump”, said Eisenbichler after the first lap on “ARD”.

Karl Geiger had to jump 228 meters to get a points bonus for flying with a shortened approach – it was even 238 meters. The German team managed to win the first round. “I didn’t expect it so well,” said coach Stefan Horngacher.

Schmid jumps out too late – Paschke makes up for the gap

In the second lap Constantin Schmid did not make such a good jump, he jumped too late and reached only 207.5 meters. The DSV team thus lost a large part of the lead. Due to the good performance of Daniel-André Tande, the Norwegians caught up with the DSV team.

But Pius Paschke changed that again after he had made a solid jump of 223.5 meters and in return Norwegian Johann Andre Forfang failed. He only reached 202.5 meters and returned the lead to the DSV team.

Markus Eisenbichler even improved in the second lap and flew 236.5 meters. The pressure was on Karl Geiger, who had to live up to expectations for the title with his last jump. He reached only 226 meters and the German team lost the title with the last jump. Also because the Norwegians previously shortened the run-up and thus collected bonus points. Eisenbichler: “I am depressed and disappointed. I would like to have become world champion with the team and we deserved it.”

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