Donald Trump has urgently brought a third judge to the Supreme Court. A conservative majority will likely hold out for decades. This has significant consequences – and could be his last victory.

Donald Trump was not even exaggerating. “You are about to witness a historic event,” he said late Monday evening on the lawn outside the White House. A few minutes later, the American president proudly watched as Constitutional Judge Amy Coney Barrett, whom he had nominated, took the oath of office.

In record time, Trump and his allied Republicans smuggled important personnel through the Senate, announcing execution eight days before the presidential election.

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Trump has brought three judges to the Supreme Court. This has never happened in recent US history. Three junior junior judges have been appointed for life. Coney Barrett is 48 years old.

The legacy of a turbulent presidency

In the future, six conservative constitutional judges will sit against three liberal judges. In other words, Trump has enshrined a clear conservative majority in the powerful constitutional court for decades. That is already the lasting legacy of his turbulent presidency.

At all federal levels, Trump has placed conservative judges in the courts. The new, clear list at the Supreme Court is particularly memorable: The majority there could make fundamental decisions on issues like abortion, immigration, and gun ownership for American society – Trump’s religious voters dream of exactly this, Liberal America fears nothing more than that.

Catholic Barrett, mother of seven and stern anti-abortion, replaces leftist American icon Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburgwho died in September at the age of 87. Ginsburg’s last traditional wish did not come true. She hoped, “I won’t be replaced until a new president is elected.”

A week before the presidential election, Trump and the Republicans have now created facts. In 2016, they denied Barack Obama the right to serve as a judge in the final year of his tenure. Other standards applied to party buddy Trump.

Do Trump’s judges decide on the election at all?

The new majority will be able to manifest itself in judgments in the coming weeks. A ruling is pending on Obamacare’s health insurance policy, which Trump wants to do away with in court after failing to make it in parliament. Millions of Americans could lose their coverage.

The Supreme Court could also decide with Barrett on the upcoming presidential election with significant ramifications. Trump and his allies are complaining about aspects of postal voting that are more widely used than ever before – especially Democrats. The party political disputes have already ended at the Supreme Court.

And if there is no clear result on election night, while postal votes are still counted for days in several states, the Supreme Court can even decide directly on the election results. Three of the nine judges affected are appointed by Trump himself.

Possibly the last win

The decision for Barrett was made by a simple majority in the Senate two hours before the evening performance at the White House – only one Republican voted against Barrett. This majority vote of the “Grand Old Party” is on the eve of the elections in November. The Democrats have a good chance of winning a narrow majority in the Chamber of Parliament for their part.

If the Democrats actually get the Senate while their candidate Joe Biden wins the presidential election, the pressure on the 77-year-old will increase to increase the number of Supreme Court justices – thus wiping out the preponderance of the right. Until now, Biden has avoided the topic. It would be a violation of standards that he is not subject to.

According to the polls, such a double win is likely. In the political vote, Biden is still clearly ahead of Trump a week before the election. The president celebrated a triumph on the south lawn of the White House Monday evening, but it could be his last.

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