The English coach sends Foden and Greenwood home

England coach Gareth Southgate dropped Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood from the selection for violations of the Corona rules. They met two Icelandic fans.

England international Phil Foden (20) and Mason Greenwood (18) caused a scandal with an unauthorized visit to Iceland after the Nations League match against Iceland (1-0). National coach Gareth Southgate sent the duo home on Monday, both had broken the Corona rules. Both Greenwood (Manchester United) and Foden (Manchester City) had made their debut for the “Three Lions” against Iceland.

Coach Southgate: “You were naive”

“Unfortunately this morning I found out that two of my boys had broken the Covid rules. We had to quickly decide that they should not have any more contact with the team,” Southgate said at a press conference, “They were naive. I know. That. they are young, but the whole world is dealing with this pandemic. “

According to corresponding media reports from Iceland and England, two Icelandic girls visited the team hotel on Sunday and posted photos and videos on Snapchat. The Icelandic newspaper “DV” quoted one of the girls as saying they knew nothing about the rules. “You never said we couldn’t take pictures,” she said.

Headlines around Maguire

Players were not allowed to meet anyone outside the bubble during their stay in Iceland. England will visit Denmark on Tuesday.

England international Harry Maguire made headlines in August when he was sentenced to 21 months probation for alleged involvement in a violent incident in Greece. The 27-year-old’s lawyers appealed. He “hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Maguire.

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