After New Zealand, this time Spain is going to legalize euthanasia. A resolution to this effect was passed by a large majority in the lower house of the country’s parliament.

The bill is expected to be passed by the Upper House of Parliament or Senate early next year. And it will become law as soon as it is approved by the Senate.

However, passing an euthanasia bill in Spain has not been easy. There have been many obstacles in the land of Roman Catholics.

The Prime Minister described the historic day on Thursday. Because, on this day, the lower house votes on a bill related to euthanasia. Euthanasia garnered 198–136 votes. That is, a critically ill patient can apply for euthanasia. If doctors agree, the process of euthanasia will begin.

A survey was done in Spain in 2019. It was seen that majority of the people in the country are in favor of euthanasia. But there were also protests. The Conservative Party and far-flung parties of the country have strongly opposed the bill. According to him, such a law cannot be accepted according to the customs of Christianity. Religion does not support suicide.

However, left and center-right parties voted in favor of the bill. According to him, a person who is no longer able to undergo treatment, who is suffering from a serious illness, should have the right to choose euthanasia.

While Parliament is voting on the bill, some people have protested outside. He protested with photographs of skulls with banners. According to him, it is unfair to legalize suicide by disobeying religion in this way.

The law of euthanasia, however, is quite complex. The patient has to apply for euthanasia four times in different stages. The first two times you will have to apply in writing. The doctor will then review the case. Then you have to apply twice more. Therapists can change their mind at any stage of the application. Not only this, if a doctor does not want to participate in this procedure, he cannot be forced. Experts claim that care has been taken not to hurt religious sentiments in any way. In addition, the applicant must be a citizen of Spain. People from other countries cannot go to Spain and apply for euthanasia. Source: DW

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