US President Donald Trump wants to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court before the election. He is reportedly considering three candidates. His favorite is according to reports.

The death of Liberal Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg left a vacancy in the United States Supreme Court. Trump wants to wait for the funeral, but later this week announced against the political opposition who he wants to nominate for Ginsburg’s successor.

“It will be a woman. A very talented, very brilliant woman,” Trump said. It is not yet clear who it will be. However, the judge will hold the post for life and will be able to rule on fundamental issues related to abortion, immigration and civil rights. That’s why the Republicans are pushing for the nomination. However, shortly before the last presidential election, they had blocked the filling of a vacant position.

Trump specifically named two women in a phone conversation with Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate: federal judges Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, according to US media. According to the Associated Press, he received Barrett at the White House on Monday. He could be doing an interview with Lagoa in the next few days. But a third candidate is under discussion.

Amy Coney Barrett – the favorite

Amy Coney Barrett: She’s Trump’s favorite. (Source: Matt Cashore / Reuters)

The 48-year-old lawyer is Donald Trump’s favorite. According to reports, she was already in conversation when the last post at the Supreme Court was filled. However, Trump then decided to save them for Ginsburg’s successor.

Barrett is a graduate of Notre Dame University. She also held a professorship there for a long time. Even as a student, she worked as an assistant to the Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Donald Trump nominated her to a seat at the federal appeals court in Chicago in 2017. She was elected there with only a narrow majority. Democrats criticize the mother of seven for her conservative views on abortion.

Barbara Lagoa – number two with Cuban roots

Barbara Lagoa: She would be the first female judge with Cuban roots. (Source: Reuters / Florida Supreme Court)Barbara Lagoa: She would be the first female judge with Cuban roots. (Source: Florida Supreme Court / Reuters)

The second possible candidate for Trump is much less controversial. He nominated her for a post in federal court in Atlanta in 2019.80 to 15 senators voted for them.

Barbara Lagoa is a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York. There she worked initially as a federal prosecutor and later as a state judge. She is also known for her more conservative stance, but said at her 2019 Senate hearing that she would defend the right to abortion.

Still, the Democrats could vote against them. With the 52-year-old recently legalizing a law granting inmates the right to vote only if they have fully paid the costs of the legal process, many Democrats are unhappy about this.

Should Lagoa become a Supreme Court judge, she would be the first female judge with Cuban roots.

Joan Larsen – the trump card up your sleeve

Joan Larsen: She's third on the US President's list. (Source: Image Images / UPI Photos)Joan Larsen: She’s third on the US President’s list. (Source: UPI Photos / Image Images)

The Senate appointed Joan Larsen as a federal judge on the Cincinnati Court of Appeals in 2017 by 60 to 36 votes. Like Barrett, she also worked for lawyer Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016.

Larsen is also controversial. She was working for the United States Department of Justice when, during George W. Bush’s presidency, it approved methods of torture such as “waterboarding” for the CIA’s intelligence agency. At the time, however, she had nothing to do with the controversial processes within the ministry, Larsen said during her Senate hearing.

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