The occupied building was only recently evacuated, now the former left-wing radical housing project “Liebig34” has burned down. The cause is still unclear.

About ten days after the occupied house “Liebig 34” in Berlin-Friedrichshain was evacuated, a fire broke out there. A police spokesman said Thursday night that the debris in front of the house had caught fire. According to the initial findings, people were not injured. According to the initial findings, neighboring buildings were not damaged by the fire. The fire brigade was on site with about 30 people. Various media had previously reported.

According to a spokesman for the fire department, about 50 cubic meters of waste and rubbish caught fire on Wednesday evening in front of the house on Liebigstrasse. “The extinguishing measures were extensive.” The fire was extinguished after about two hours. As the police announced, there was also a fire, at least on the ground floor of the building. How the fire started exactly and where it broke out was initially unclear. The investigation was still ongoing.

One resident told the dpa news agency that there had been an evening vigil with candles and eternal lights in front of the previously occupied house.

Symbol of the leftist radical scene in Berlin

The self-organized feminist house project “Liebig 34” – a symbol of the leftist radical scene in Berlin – had long been fierce arguments. It was evacuated under protest two weeks ago. At that time, 57 people had been in the building. At its peak, there were about 2,100 police officers from other states and from the federal police force.

During a demo of the scene, as a result of the evacuation and handover to the owner, despite a large police presence, violence broke out. Cars were set on fire and windows smashed.

Two years ago, a ten-year commercial lease for the residents’ association “Liebig 34” expired. In a long legal dispute, the owner who canceled the association was given the right. According to his own statements, he had not recently paid rent.

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