Venezuelan President Maduro accuses the US and European countries of attacking an oil refinery. Local media and opposition members, on the other hand, speak of an industrial accident.

According to the government, a terrorist attack has been committed on an oil refinery in northwestern Venezuela. President Nicolás Maduro said a tower at the Amuay plant in Falcón state collapsed during the attack. The US and some European countries are also involved in the attack.

In addition, two foreigners were arrested who had planned assassinations of members of the government. Maduro has not provided any evidence to support his claims. Opposition MPs and local media reported that the damage to the refinery was caused by an industrial accident.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. However, due to lack of investment, mismanagement and severe sanctions in the US, oil production and processing has declined sharply. Meanwhile, Venezuela even has to import gasoline, also from its ally Iran.

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