Tensions are running high in the US over the election results. Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads the presidential election so far, according to AP’s projection. The Biden camp is also ahead in the race for control of the House of Representatives.

To run for President of the United States, a candidate must secure at least 270 electoral votes. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has received 223 electoral votes so far, according to AP’s launch. On the other hand, incumbent President Donald Trump received 116 votes. While Biden is still ahead, the final decision is yet to name anyone as potential president.

The proponents of his case are working to make the actual copy of this statement available online. NBC News has come to the conclusion that it has analyzed the results obtained so far from various states. But now is not the time to say anything about the Senate.

In the United States, voting closes at 6 am local time. Battleground is scheduled to close most polling stations in Ohio and North Carolina at 7:30 a.m. and within the next five hours. Finally, polling stations in Alaska closed. Voting ends at 1 pm local time on Wednesday.

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