The implementation of the Sino-Indian agreement is in doubt, with fears of a major conflict

Although China and India reached a five-point agreement at the recent foreign ministerial meeting, both countries are skeptical about its implementation. Both sides are accusing each other of abetting. Both sides are claiming that they do not want war. However, nobody is missing out on threatening anyone. Despite the agreement, media outlets from both countries are talking about a possible ‘military intervention’ in Zoresore.

Tensions have been rising between the two countries over the last few months on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh and on the southern banks of Pangong Lake. On 8 September, India claimed that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army fired in the air when Chinese troops tried to capture an Indian military base. This is the first shoot on the Line of Actual Control after 1975. On the other hand, China claims that India has done provocative work.

Amid the ongoing tension, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar held nearly two and a half hours of talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization conference on 10 September (Thursday).

A joint statement issued after the meeting said that the Indian and Chinese governments have reached a consensus. It is said that both sides will avoid any move, which will undermine the bilateral harmony created by the efforts of the leaders of both countries. Particular care must be taken so that the disagreement does not reach the final stage in any way.

The two Foreign Ministers concluded that the boundary issue was not in the interest of either party. That is why China and India will try to implement the process of withdrawing additional troops from the Line of Control as soon as possible on the basis of a meeting at the military level. The meeting decided to reduce tensions between the two sides by widening the gap between army bases.

According to Chinese government media, Global Times, Chinese and Indian leaders have met several times as tensions have escalated on the Doklam border. There was agreement between them. Nevertheless, the conflict on the border has been seen again. The report said that there were clashes between the two countries in June and Indian soldiers on Monday fired warning shots at Chinese troops. The border situation has repeatedly reached such a level that people have lost confidence in the implementation of the agreement.

According to the report, the main problem between China and India is fundamentally a crisis of mutual trust. At the national level, the power gap between China and India is much wider than in 1972. The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndian suzerainty is derived from the geographical political capacity of that country. The United States, Japan and Australia are trying to win the hearts and minds of India. New Delhi believes that Beijing is scared about it. Because the United States has strategically placed China under sanctions.

According to the Global Times, China has taken defensive measures. However, Delhi wants to create a geopolitical link in the Indo-Pacific region of the China-India border conflict. The media has called it gambling. “Effective use of our energy is necessary,” he threatened. We should increase the value of India’s risky gambling on the border issue. Apart from diplomatic negotiations, we must be prepared so that if those negotiations fail, we can completely defeat India’s illusion through military action. “

The report further warns India, “It is not at all cost to maintain the territorial integrity and long-term peace of our southwestern border.” It is not a slogan, it is what we really want. Chinese people like peace. But we are also ready to fight when needed. This is not only a warning to the outside world, it is China. “

A report in the Times of India, an Indian media outlet, said the armies of the two countries were very close and there was a possibility of a major skirmish. “If real progress is not made in the implementation of the agreement, the likelihood of conflict will increase,” it said.

Times of India analysis said that it is difficult to predict where the boundary conditions will go. However, it seems that this was before a major conflict began.

Quoting a senior Indian government source, the report said, “There is no shortage of preparation for Indian troops anywhere.” In addition, the issue of military intervention in handling the border situation is also on the table.

The report stated, “Everyone is waiting for the next meeting at the level of the India-China Army Commander.

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