Paris (AP) – An investigation next Monday should reveal how seriously Brazilian football star Neymar was injured in the 0-1 defeat of his club Paris Saint-Germain against Olympique Lyon.

Coach Thomas Tuchel was unable to give any details after the defeat, so champion PSG is only third at the table. “I have a lot of experience, it is better to wait for the exams,” said the German coach. Thiago Mendes hit Neymar so hard in the ankle during long injury time that the 28-year-old had to be taken off the field with a stretcher. Mendes was shown the red card for his foul.

Tuchel is also concerned about world champion Kylian Mbappé, who he only filled in in the second half. That happened on the advice of a doctor, said the former trainer of Mainz and Dortmund. The French attacker was unable to play for more than 25 minutes. “It was 30 minutes then and that was already too much,” said Tuchel. “He was in a red zone and risked injury.”

Overall, Tuchel was disappointed with the defeat and the level. PSG is now one point behind ex-champions Lille and Lyon with the same points in the French league. “I saw a very, very tired team,” said Tuchel, admitting that he had not seen this in advance. Otherwise he would have made three or four changes.

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