Luis Suarez is facing legal problems. The Uruguayan star player is said to have cheated on obtaining Italian citizenship. The investigation has already begun.

Barcelona attacker Luis Suarez is threatened with problems with the Italian authorities after the transfer to Juventus Turin failed. The 33-year-old is said to have known the University of Perugia exam questions in advance when obtaining Italian citizenship. Prosecutor Raffaele Cantone confirmed this in a press release.

“During the test of the Italian language of Uruguayan footballer Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz on September 17, there were irregularities,” the statement said. The topics discussed were “agreed with the candidate in advance” and the results had already been determined before the test.

Suarez’s wife is an Italian citizen

Suarez, whose wife Sofia Balbi is an Italian citizen, traveled to Italy for the test last week. The reason was FC Barcelona’s move to Turin, Juventus has already exhausted the number of non-EU players in its squad. Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo had recently stated that the transfer would not take place because Suarez’s passport would not arrive on time.

According to media reports, Suarez is now facing a transfer to Atletico Madrid. He would have agreed to cancel his contract with Barca and could therefore go for a free transfer.

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