The Hanau killer’s father apparently believes in a conspiracy against his son. After the crime, he placed racist ads and mocked the victims.

Tobias R. shot nine people with foreign roots in Hanau on February 19. The 43-year-old and his mother were later found dead in their apartment. Before the act, he had posted pamphlets and videos on the Internet featuring dark conspiracy theories and racist views. His father also seems to share these beliefs, the Spiegel reports.

The killer’s father was arrested shortly after the crime, received psychiatric treatment, but then released. The 73-year-old could not be shown to be involved in his son’s act.

Confused conspiracy theory and racist statements

As a result, R.’s father posted several advertisements, some of which were racist. In addition to demanding the return of his son’s weapons and ammunition, he also wants to ensure that all memorials that remember the victims – whom he repeatedly calls “perpetrators” – are removed. According to “Spiegel” he sees it as “sedition”.

In addition, the Hanau killer’s father is said to believe in a conspiracy against his son. Accordingly, a secret service organization is said to have kidnapped, murdered R. and then had a double to commit the murders. In documents available to the “Mirror”, R.’s father repeatedly expresses that he is xenophobic and racist. At the Hanau Citizen’s Office, he wanted to be looked after only by German workers and saw the dismissal by his employer as an attack on his “race”.

When asked if R.’s father was being investigated for psychological help in the assassination attempt on Hanau, federal prosecutor’s office “Spiegel” said they had never investigated the hitman’s father.

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