The killing of chicks should be banned from the end of 2021

Politics has long debated the shredding of male chicks. Now CDU politician Julia Klöckner has introduced a law banning killing from next year.

The federal government wants to ban the killing of day-old chicks from the end of 2021. It was “ethically unjustifiable,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) of the “Rheinische Post” Wednesday: It should not be the case that animals are killed immediately after hatching because they have a specific sex. Klöckner will present the bill at 12 noon in Berlin.

Klöckner recommends buying German eggs

The Animal Welfare Act is amended according to this law, so that sanctions are possible in case of violation of the national prohibition in Germany. Germany is a global pioneer, said Klöckner of the “Rheinische Post”. She called on consumers to stop using eggs from abroad after the law came into force if the animals continue to be shredded there. In their purchasing decision, it would be up to them whether innovative procedures such as in-egg sexing for early sorting of male chicks would prevail, or whether “more and more eggs are being imported from which the production chicks have been killed”.

In the newspaper, the minister defended the transition period until the end of 2021. A ban only makes sense if the industry has an alternative. “Otherwise, the companies will migrate abroad.” Now a market-ready alternative is available via gender recognition in the hatching egg and can be widely deployed by the end of 2021. This makes it possible to “come out of the dead”.

The industry is not getting out of the “kill” fast enough

The minister emphasized that the hatcheries “had sufficient reason and time to change their working methods”. The industry “had its chance – but so far it has not been seen using the existing alternatives to get out as quickly as possible”.

FDP agricultural policy spokesman Karlheinz Busen said Wednesday that the killing of male chicks was “rightly” no longer socially acceptable and should be stopped as soon as possible. The plan presented by Klöckner is merely “a completely ill-conceived diversion” and will not solve the problems.

Klöckner even aggravated the situation: “Deviating from fixed agreements with the industry means that in the future the chicks will be shredded just across the border,” says Busen. “The fact that the Federal Minister of Agriculture is wasting the opportunity of the Presidency of the Council of the EU to introduce a European-wide ban is fatal.”

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