The last international match of the GDR – “Ede” remembers Geyer

This weekend it is 30 years ago that the GDR played its last international match. Ex-national coach Eduard “Ede” remembers Geyer precisely – and criticized the attitude of the team at the time.

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Eduard “Ede” Geyer can still well remember the inglorious end of the GDR football selection. About 30 years ago, on September 12, 1990, the final curtain fell in Brussels for the German Democratic Republic team, which lasted less than ten months after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.

Geyer had invited 36 players to the final performance, but canceled 22. “I would have liked the players to say goodbye with a little more character,” Geyer said later. After all: the strongly weakened GDR selection won 2-0 against Belgium with two goals from captain Matthias Sammer.

Geyer: Sammer “sometimes wasn’t that easy”

“Only afterwards did I realize that this day also had a certain historical significance. Before and on the day itself it was all about winning”, Geyer later reported in an interview in his book “Eduard Geyer – Einzüge” for this special competition.

Among the steadfast people who decided to put the GDR jersey back on were Sammer, Uwe Rösler, Dariusz Wosz, Heiko Scholz, Heiko Bonan and Torsten Kracht.

The old Energie Cottbus coach was especially impressed by match winner Sammer: “Matthias was sometimes not easy, he was a bit complicated and sometimes had completely different views. In fact, he was always thinking about football. You could talk to him about it for hours. . and argue. He’s a special boy, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten that far. “

GDR international match: The Belgians Enzo Scifo and Lorenzo Staelens duel with Matthias Sammer. (Source: Reporters / Image Images)

Few selections to play

In Brussels, Sammer scored in the 74th and 89th minutes for the Geyer troop in the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium in front of only 12,000 spectators. On December 19, 1990, Sammer was also in the international reunification match in Stuttgart against Switzerland (4-0) as the first GDR player in the starting line-up of the selection of the German Football Association (DFB); later Andreas Thom came as second kicker from the east for Sammer (74th).

Geyer was disappointed with the players who had given him a basket before the game. Many had finished the DDR selection. But the players from the East who were in Brussels were also very popular with the West clubs. “I remember very well how the agents of different players suddenly started to do gymnastics around us after the game. It was a shame how some of them behaved”, said Geyer.

Eduard Geyer: is a multiple national DDR player. (Source: image images / VIADATA)Eduard Geyer: is a multiple national DDR player. (Source: VIADATA / image images)

“If Wall had fallen later, we would have won the game”

Something similar happened in Austria on November 15, 1989, when the GDR was still fighting for a ticket to the 1990 World Cup in Italy a few days after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But in vain the dream of the second participation in a World Cup after 1974 in the Federal Republic of Germany burst like a bubble. The footballer and master player from Dresden who took over the GDR selection in September 1989, could not change this.

“It was a disaster for a coach who really wanted to see a World Cup,” Geyer said in an interview with SID. In front of 55,000 spectators, his team in Vienna lost 3-0. “If the wall had fallen a few weeks later, we would have won the match,” Geyer later emphasized.

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