A bloody act shocked the city of Isselburg in the Münsterland. There a father would have killed his wife, one of his daughters and then himself. Another daughter survived.

A family man is said to have murdered his wife and a daughter in Isselburg in the Münsterland and subsequently committed suicide. After a reference to a murder, police officers came across three bodies in the apartment in the Borken district on Thursday morning, police and the public prosecutor in Münster said.

The dead are the wife (46) and a daughter (17), as well as the father and husband (51). Emergency services found a second 14-year-old daughter physically unharmed. You will be cared for and treated medically.

Family father announced action

“According to the initial findings, the 51-year-old man wanted to kill his wife and their two children,” said lead prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt. The man told a friend about the crime that morning. The woman alerted the police. The officers found the three bodies, including the man himself.

The investigators did not comment on how the three family members were murdered for privacy reasons. Autopsies are expected to take place on Friday, Botzenhardt said.

A murder commission was set up at the Münster police station. The investigations are still at the beginning, nothing can be said about the possible motive. Initially, no details were known about the family situation either.

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