The Uefa Supercup will be played on Thursday – actually in the Puskas Stadium in Budapest. But the location is not only questionable because of the increasing corona infections in Hungary.

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The mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, threatened Uefa with a lawsuit during a city council meeting on Monday. The background is the presentation of the Supercup between Champions League winners Bayern Munich and Europa League winners FC Sevilla to Budapest (Thursday 24 September, 9 p.m. / in the live ticker on Chillreport). Porto was originally chosen as the venue in May 2018. In June 2020, Uefa decided to move the game to the Hungarian capital.

During the meeting, Moreira presented a corresponding letter to Uefa. “I hope I get an answer. If not, there are courts in Geneva, where the UEFA headquarters is close by,” threatened Moreira.

The mayor of Porto accuses Uefa of untruths

He also accused Uefa of telling the truth. Decisive for the postponement was that the final tournament of the royal class took place in Lisbon. That is why they did not want the Supercup game to be held in Portugal.

However, this was not officially stated as such, but rather the critical Corona situation in Porto was used as the reason, Moreira said. “You could have said that the Champions League was played in Lisbon, we don’t want to go to the same country. That would have been understandable. Or you could have said that we will find an equalizer for Porto in two years’ time.”

“I don’t know if there isn’t a pandemic in Budapest”

However, there is also strong criticism of Budapest, which also has a high contamination rate. The Robert Koch Institute had designated the Hungarian capital as a corona risk area and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning. Only 1,300 Bayern Munich supporters want to travel to Budapest. This was confirmed by the Uefa after feedback from the club. 500 followers are expected from Seville. Nevertheless, the umbrella organization wants to keep the Supercup in Budapest.

The mayor added sarcastically, “I don’t know if there isn’t a pandemic in Budapest …” According to his story, the corona situation in Lisbon during the Champions League final round was worse than the current situation in Porto.

Sports political reasons are believed to have influenced the Supercup’s relocation. Sandor Csanyi is the richest man in Hungary and heads the national football association. He is also a member of the UEFA executive committee as a vice president.

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