The Moria refugee camp on Lesvos is on fire

A fire is said to have broken out in the refugee camp on the island of Lesbos. Reports on Twitter speak of a “catastrophe”. The background is still unclear.

On Wednesday evening, several fires broke out in the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos and surroundings. According to reports, living containers are also on fire, so the authorities have evacuated the camp. By now almost everyone has left the camp, which was almost completely on fire, the Greek state radio station ERT reported in the early hours of the morning.

Strong winds, some reaching up to 60 kilometers per hour, stirred the flames. Images of the fire were shown on Twitter on Wednesday evening. The reports spoke of a “catastrophe” and many deaths. The information has not yet been confirmed. Volunteers on the ground reported that smoke and flames from people cut their escape routes. About 12,600 refugees and migrants currently live in Moria with a capacity of only 2,800 places.

There were several statements about the causes of the fires: some camp residents spoke of arson by islanders, according to other reports, migrants had set fire themselves and then prevented the fire brigade from extinguishing the fire. The island’s emergency services have been fighting a large forest fire about 25 kilometers northwest of Moria since Tuesday evening.

Camp was quarantined for corona infections

The aid organization “Mission Lifeline” spoke in a tweet of a “riot” in the camp. “The detained refugees are defending themselves against the lockdown,” the tweet said. Since last week, more and more cases of corona infections have occurred in the camp, which is why it was quarantined until September 15.

35 people recently tested positive for the coronavirus. The Greek Ministry of Migration announced this in Athens on Tuesday. This had preceded 2,000 tests since the virus was discovered in one of the camp residents last week.

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