US President Donald Trump is infected with the corona virus. The first lady also had to be quarantined. The network responses are mixed – there is dismay, malice and bad wishes.

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Donald Trump is infected with the corona virus. The US President and his wife Melania, who is also infected, must be quarantined. Trump is at risk because of his age.

Reactions on the Internet to the politician’s illness have been mixed. Wishes for recovery were sent to Trump and malice poured out.

Twitter is full of Trump and his infection

Melania Trump, who is being quarantined along with her husband, wrote on Twitter: “How many other Americans are the President of the United States and I quarantined at home this year after a positive test for Covid-19. us. well, and I have postponed any upcoming commitments. “

Vice President Mike Pence wanted a full and speedy recovery. “God bless you, President Trump and our wonderful First Lady Melania,” Pence wrote on Twitter on behalf of his wife Karen.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany called for the cohesion of the nation: “America is united,” she tweeted. “Your president will continue to put people first.”

Joy in it is “tasteless”

The hashtag #TrumpHasCovid was trending early in the morning, i.e. Trump has Covid, with hundreds of thousands of tweets worldwide, also in Germany. Some responded cheerfully, others wished the US president a speedy recovery, but pointed out that only a few hours ago Trump himself made fun of wearing masks.

However, many users called so as not to fool Trump. Such as British author and former CNN presenter Piers Morgan. The joy of some is insipid and hypocritical, especially those who otherwise preached tolerance.

AfD politician Alice Weidel wishes the president a speedy recovery and a speedy resumption of the election campaign.

Former SPD member Christopher Lauer tweeted, “… I mean let’s not kid ourselves, we all know what we want Trump and no one dares to say it” “adding in another tweet,” A lot people currently googling the corona mortality rate of 74-year-old men. “

Others wish the US president a speedy recovery, but pointed out that Trump himself made fun of wearing masks just hours ago.

Like left-wing MP Stefan Liebich, who presented a video clip of the TV duel between Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, in which Trump makes fun of Biden in a mask.

Or Ralf Stegner. The leader of the SPD in Schleswig-Holstein writes: “You don’t want anyone to have a corona infection – not even the American president, who could and should have done much more.”

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