The next court allows demos – hundreds in front of the Brandenburg Gate

The corona demos in Berlin may continue. This has now also been confirmed by the Higher Administrative Court. Corona opponents came to the Brandenburg Gate on Friday. The police are ready with a large number.

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The controversial demonstration and rally against the Corona policy could take place in Berlin on Saturday. The Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg confirmed early on Saturday morning in second instance that the ban on the Berlin police is not permanent. This decision is therefore final.

Following its ruling, the court announced that the meetings against the corona policies of the federal and state governments planned by various initiatives could take place for August 29, 2020. The Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court essentially upheld two urgent decisions of the Berlin Administrative Court on August 28, 2020. “This means that the two collection bans have been temporarily suspended by the Berlin police chief for this day.”

The organizers of the Lateral Thinking 711 initiative had called for the meeting on Saturday and were expecting about 22,000 participants at the Stra├če des 17. Juni near the Brandenburg Gate. A longer demonstration through Berlin-Mitte was planned in advance. The police meeting had banned these major actions and several smaller events.

Demo for the Brandenburg Gate – calls on Russia and the US.

On Friday evening, 1,500 people gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate – most of them were not wearing a face mask. In the presence of the Russian and American embassies, some of them demanded the signing of a “peace treaty” – a clear sign that they were supporters of the Reich Citizen Movement. Many of them believe that the Federal Republic is still an occupied country.

According to the police, the registered demonstration was peaceful, but had to be appealed several times to keep their distance. The police had initially spoken of 120 participants at the beginning of the evening, but updated their estimate around 8.30 pm.

The Berlin administrative court decided on Friday that the big meeting against the Corona measures could take place on Saturday. It stated there were no conditions for a ban. An imminent threat to public safety cannot be inferred from the course of the demo on August 1, nor from the critical attitude of the participants towards the corona policy. The initiator of the meeting, Michael Ballweg, already judged the decision of the first instance, the Berlin Administrative Court, Friday afternoon as a “complete success”. He stressed that the demonstration should be peaceful.

Police officers watch the rally: 3,000 officials in Berlin must ensure that corona rules are adhered to during the demo. (Source: Christoph Soeder / dpa)

The Berlin police are concerned

Berlin police were concerned about the “open willingness to use force” being articulated on the Internet, as Vice President Marco Langner said. There are also many calls from right-wing extremists to attend the meetings. In the capital, 3,000 police officers should be available, including 1,000 from other states and from the federal police, police authorities said Friday afternoon.

The red-red-green Berlin Senate and the police were widely criticized for the ban. Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) of the Interior had also said about the ban on demonstrations that he did not want Berlin to become the stage again for “Corona deniers, Reich citizens and right-wing extremists”.

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