Voting for the US presidential election will take place on November 3. However, in the meantime, 62 million voters have already cast their votes. This number is one crore 20 lakh more than in 2016. This was revealed in the NBC News Decision Desk / Target Smart Survey. According to him, this time the number of advance votes in the United States will reach 9 to 10 million. In other words, so many people will vote in advance before 3 November.

Five crore votes were cast in advance in the 2016 elections. However, if the estimate of the NBC News Decision Desk is correct, this time the number will double.

Democratic political data firm Target Smart provides voting data to NBC News. The media predicts elections based on the information they provide.

In unstable states, the rate of advance voting has increased significantly this time. A large number of voters have also announced their decision in the mail. Pennsylvania is one of the “battleground” states that is important to overcome the electoral dilemma. About 1.4 million people have already voted. In the 2016 election, the total number of advance votes was slightly over 1.2 million. But this week, a week before the election, the number surpasses the previous figure.

Even in unstable states like Michigan and Wisconsin, early voting is a win. The turnout in the two states is almost double compared to last time.

Trump won the 2016 election in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by a narrow margin.

States such as Ohio, Texas and Georgia also had early voting. Texas has already received 69 million advance votes. This number is about 1.4 million more than last time. More than 40 percent of the voters in the state have already announced their decision.

Even in the most competitive states, such as North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Arizona, turnout has increased significantly. Trump and Hillary Clinton have received more votes than last year.

A poll by CBS News / YouGov published on Sunday found that 61 percent of Florida voters voted in advance who were known to support Democratic candidate Joe Biden. There, turnout was 36 percent among Trump supporters. The picture is similar in states such as North Carolina and Georgia. Joe Biden is also a leader in these states.

Apparently, this time irregular voters are interested in elections. They are voting in groups in advance. Analysts believe that irregular voters are interested in the election, this time to prevent Trump from winning the Democrats.

This record number of initial votes could change the voting equation in this year’s US presidential election. But in the end, it is up to the American voters to decide who gets a White House ticket. Waiting time till November 3 is to be counted for this.

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