The number of patients diagnosed with coronavirus worldwide is more than 73.1 million. International survey agency World Meters gave this information on Tuesday at around 8:30 am Bangladesh time. According to the organization’s website, the global coronavirus epidemic has so far affected 219 countries and regions around the world. So far, the total number of infected people worldwide is 7 crore 31 lakh 8 thousand 395. Of these, 18 lakh 26 thousand 73 people have died. Five crore 13 lakh 22 thousand 512 people have already been recovered.

In December 2019, coronavirus spread from Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province. At one stage, the prevalence of the virus at the origin of China decreased but it started increasing in other countries of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global epidemic on March 11, in view of a 13-fold increase in the incidence of coronovirus outside China. However, there is hope that the recovery rate is increasing rapidly after the outbreak. The corona vaccine has already been discovered.

According to World Meters, the United States has the highest number of victims and deaths. The total number of victims is one crore 69 lakh 42 thousand 622. Three lakh eight thousand 69 people have died.

India are in second place as attackers. The total number of victims in the country is 99 lakh six thousand 508. Out of these, one lakh 43 thousand 746 people have died.

The number of victims in Brazil is 69 lakh 29 thousand 409. Out of these, one lakh 71 thousand 945 people have died.

The number of victims in the native country China is 6,656. Of these, 4 thousand 734 people have died. However, there are allegations against the country to hide the real situation. One of Wuhan’s volunteers said, “Any sensible person would doubt this number (official figures).”

The US has said since the outbreak that China has played a role in the spread of coronavirus. Li Meng Yan, a virologist at Wuhan Lab in China, reinforced the Trump administration’s claim. Li Meng Yan said that coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab. It has 100% proof that it is man-made.

Hong Kong-born virologist Li Meng Yan has fled to the US. He fled to the United States earlier this year over fears that China would try to assassinate him.

He said that he was one of the first researchers to investigate diseases like pneumonia in eastern China at the end of last year. But when the number of patients continues to increase, they are asked to remain silent and alert. His supervisor told him that we would get in trouble and go missing.

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