A parish in Ulm banned the Three Wise Men from the cradle because of the current racism debate. Now it was announced that the Christmas story will also change.

A parish announced that she will not put the three kings in the nativity scene. The reason for this is the representation of Melchior.

The dean of the parish in Ulm, Ernst-Wilhelm Gohl, wants to respond to the ongoing racism debate. Further steps have now been announced, “Focus” reports. The Christmas story as we know it with the three wise men will not be heard like that.

The Christmas story is read, according to Luke

The Christmas story, according to Luke, will be told in the holiday season of 2020. The three kings don’t even appear in this one.

In this variant from the Gospel of Luke, the story of the birth of Jesus begins with Emperor Augustus ordering a census. Every family should go to the birthplace of the family father. Joseph and the pregnant Mary therefore travel to Bethlehem. There Mary has her child, Jesus, and it is placed in a manger. However, there is no direct report of a shed, as in the usual story. It is only said that there was no room for the couple in the hostel.

The three wise men, also called the three wise men from the east, are not part of this version of the Bible. In general, there have been no concrete ideas about the trio until the third century. Their names and appearance vary by country and language.

Meanwhile, W├╝rttemberg regional bishop Frank Otfried July supported the M├╝nster community. “The path they are now trying to take in Ulm is the right one. It is important to give good advice when making a decision and to get the necessary peace of mind in the community along the way.”

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