In an actually forbidden demo parade by right-wing extremists and “silk cherry” in Leipzig, a police officer was shot at close by with fireworks. Because the police were so passive, the Saxony Minister of the Interior comes under pressure.

After a demonstration of “lateral thinking” in Leipzig, there were numerous attacks on emergency services and journalists. Videos show that a police officer was shot at close range. The apparently overwhelmed police were retreating and did not intervene against the shooter. “In Leipzig, the state was guided by the ring on the nose ring,” Saxon SPD leader Martin Dulig said on Twitter.

Thousands of participants had previously followed an encouragement from “ lateral thinking ” to override a marching ban. After a rally cut off through the city, “lateral thinking” had spread through the canals that they “had heard that many meeting participants were walking to the inner ring.” That was a clear indication of a demonstration on this route.

Police used pepper spray and batons

Participants in the previously peaceful rally broke through police chains and attacked police officers and reporters. The journalists’ union DJU, which belongs to Verdi, reported 32 attacks and targeted obstacles against journalists, mainly by the participants in the “lateral thinking” rally. When attacking right-wing extremists, the police used pepper spray and baton.

“There was a lot of pressure on our chain,” said police president Torsten Schulze later. The police chief could have resisted this only with immediate force. The question of the proportionality of resources arose: “We didn’t have to use force.” Means: the police gave up and announced they would open the road. On social networks there are allegations that the police in Saxony intervened very differently in a left-wing demonstration.

Fireworks exploded on the police officer’s body

Water cannons stationed in Leipzig were not seen during the forbidden march of the “silk cherry” attacking police and journalists. They were only used in the evenings when left-wing extremists set fire to barricades in the Connewitz neighborhood. Stones had flown in the direction of the fire brigade.

These riots in Connewitz on the second night in a row were also the subject of the main ZDF and ARD news on Saturday, but not the attacks on police during the lateral thinking demonstration. Leipzig police chief Torsten Schulz also concluded that it had “largely” succeeded in ensuring the peaceful conduct of all events and preventing possible acts of violence.

Scenes in videos

He did not elaborate on what happened on the chain or on possible investigations: when a riot police chain from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania wanted to withdraw backwards, one of the demonstrators fired fireworks at a policeman in front of him. The fireworks exploded with a fireball on the policeman’s body, but he was apparently not seriously injured in any case. The police wore visor helmets. The video shows the scene.

In another video, the retreating police forces are filmed from the adjacent winter high-rise building. Several fireworks are currently being fired. Then the pyrotechnics flies directly to the officer at the bottom of the photo.

Police tactics here again failed. The plan was to open the street so that people could go straight. However, the protesters did not care about the given direction, but flowed up the inner ring as intended. They celebrated this as a victory, the participants sang “Such a day, as beautiful as today” and danced polonaise.

Government parties criticize the deployment planning

Police actions are now heavily criticized: “A clear planning disaster has led the Leipzig state to capitulate to the enemies of democracy,” said Valentin Lippmann, parliamentary manager and spokesman for Greens’ internal policies in the Saxon state parliament. . The Greens belong to the Kenyan coalition in Saxony, but are attacking Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) sharply. “His passivity as Home Secretary is no longer acceptable.”

The SPD, also in the government, and the left have announced that they will refer the matter to the Internal Commission. SPD interior expert Albrecht Pallas explained that the planning and preparation of the operation needed to be checked: “Why could an unregistered demonstration walk around the ring, even though elevators are generally prohibited and have not been approved by any court?” ‘Unconventional thinkers’ had been mobilizing for weeks, but right-wing and right-wing extremists and Youtubers had also published a joint appeal and distributed it widely. In addition to the big “lateral thinking” event, more than 20 other events were recorded, including counter-demonstrations. The Saxon Police, according to information, had access to the reinforcement of the Federal Police and eight federal states.

The higher administrative court had lifted the ban

Interior Minister Wöller said the police are not responsible for resolving the corona problem. “The corona pandemic cannot be fought by the police or police measures, but only with common sense,” said the CDU politician of the Leipziger Volkszeitung. He sharply criticized the Higher Administrative Court of Bautzen: “It is irresponsible to allow such a meeting with 16,000 people in times of the corona pandemic in the center of Leipzig.”

The court overturned a ban on “lateral thinking” meetings in the city center by the city of Leipzig. Despite the pandemic, there was a demonstration with 16,000 participants on the central Augustaplatz. Shortly after the event began, the city already had more than 20,000. The “Counted Through” research group at the University of Leipzig even assumed that 45,000 participants huddled on a podium in the square. Most of the participants behaved peacefully, happily, and carefree, but didn’t care about the requirements for wearing a mask or distance.

Protection against infection was not enforced

The only consequences were loudspeaker announcements and subsequent police filming. Laterally thinking speakers achieved little with the call to wear a mask or keep their distance. This is not surprising given the other statements on this subject. The city of Leipzig therefore dissolved the meeting. But now the majority of the participants started moving to the elevator as planned, which was actually prohibited even after the decision of the OVG.

Leipzig police chief Schulz said in a conclusion that it had “largely” succeeded in ensuring that all events took place peacefully and prevented possible acts of violence. However, it was not possible to enforce infection protection.

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