More than a year ago, the theft of jewelery in the Green Vault caused a sensation. Almost a month ago, the first suspects were caught in a major robbery. Two people have disappeared – so far.

Less than a month after the first arrests in connection with the spectacular theft of jewelry from the Green Vault in Dresden, police arrested another wanted suspect. It is one of the twins of a well-known Berlin clan of Arab descent that was sought internationally. The 21-year-old man has been arrested in Berlin, a spokesman for the Dresden police situation center said Monday.

Berlin police confirmed that the arrest in the Neukölln district took place Monday evening by a special task force (SEK). Previously the “Bild” newspaper and the “B.Z.” reported. According to the report, the man was caught in an apartment building on Jahnstrasse. That’s why he wanted to meet an acquaintance there and became the target of the civil investigators. Further details will be announced on Tuesday. The search for the second twins continues.

First arrests after the raid

On November 25, 2019, several perpetrators stole valuable jewelery from the famous Grünes Gewölbe treasury in Dresden during one of the most spectacular burglaries of the past decades.

On November 17, the Dresden and Berlin police arrested three suspected men aged 23, 23 and 26 from the extended family in a raid. They were held in custody in Dresden.

However, the raid was unsuccessful: although the police had been watching them for a long time, the twins escaped the police that night. They were then searched with their names and photos. All suspects are charged with aggravated gang theft and arson. According to the researchers, you belong to the Berlin Remmo clan. Members of the family were also convicted of other major crimes, such as stealing gold coins from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017.

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