The daughter and adviser to Polish President Duda has clearly spoken out against the new abortion law. This prohibits abortions even with severe malformations of the fetuses.

In the dispute over a tightening of the Polish abortion law, President Andrzej Duda’s daughter demanded that women can continue to have an abortion if the child had serious malformations.

President’s Daughter: The decision must be made by the woman

She would never decide to abort because of her convictions, 24-year-old Kinga Duda wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “But in one thing as incredibly difficult as the idea of ​​having a child who could die minutes or hours after birth, the decision to continue or terminate the pregnancy must lie with the woman.” She therefore does not agree with the decision of the Constitutional Court, writes Kinga Duda. The lawyer works as a voluntary adviser to her father.

Protests in Poland against the tightened abortion law. (Source: AP / dpa)

Last week, constitutional judges ruled that women should not have an abortion, even if their child has serious malformations. A corresponding passage in the previous abortion law is unconstitutional. In any case, the Polish abortion law is one of the strictest in Europe. There have been nationwide protests since the court ruling.

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