It’s the last TV debate before the main election of the year: Donald Trump and Joe Biden duel in Nashville. They argue sharply about the corona policy.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden again sharply attacked US President Donald Trump’s corona policy in the last TV debate before the US election. “No one responsible for so many deaths should be president of the United States any more,” Biden said. “The president still has no plan.”

President Trump emphasized that the coronavirus is a global problem. “We fight it, we fight it hard,” Trump said, promising, “We have a vaccine, it is ready, it will be announced in the coming weeks.” However, at the request of the moderator, he did not want to guarantee this schedule. Experts think it will take even longer.

Trump doesn’t expect a “dark winter” like Biden. He reiterated that the pandemic would be over. He takes responsibility, Trump emphasized. But stressed that it was not his fault that the virus reached the US, and neither did Bidens. “It’s China’s fault.” In the US, more than 222,000 people have already died as a result of Corona – the highest number in the world.

Trump insisted, “We have to open up the country. You know, I’ve said it many times, the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself.” Biden will close the entire country. Biden replied that he did not want to close the country, but rather put an end to the pandemic.

New rules apply

In the hour and a half debate, new rules apply after the first TV game ended in chaos, mainly due to Trump’s interruptions. During the first two-minute statement by a candidate at the start of a topic, the opposing candidate’s microphone remains muted.

Trump accused the independent committee that organized the debates of being on Biden’s side before the TV duel. Commissioner Frank Fahrenkopf dismissed this on Fox News. Fahrenkopf said the presenter would not have any control over the microphones. They would be turned on or off backstage.

At the same time, he emphasized that the topics had not been selected by the committee, but by the moderator – in the latest debate it was NBC journalist Kristen Welker, 44, who works as a correspondent at the White House in Washington. Before the debate, Trump called Welker “ totally biased ” and a “ radical left Democrat. ”

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