The next ex-employee of US President Trump no longer has to fear legal ramifications. The proceedings in the Michael Flynn affair in Russia have been dropped. The judges emphasize that he is not innocent.

The lawsuit against former Trump adviser Michael Flynn has been suspended after the US president pardoned him. While this was now more of a formality, Judge Emmet Sullivan made a point by stating that it did not signify Flynn’s innocence.

Michael Flynn: He is the former Trump adviser. (Source: ZUMA Press / Image Images)

In his decision on Tuesday, he also criticized the arguments of the US Department of Justice, which had already asked for the case to be suspended in a highly unusual move in the spring.

Flynn had served just over three weeks as a National Security Advisor in the White House in 2017. He later admitted in the course of the investigation into the Russia affair that he lied to the FBI. He is also said to have lied to Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn pleaded guilty to the investigation by FBI special investigator Robert Mueller.

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