A now 95-year-old worked as a guard in 1945 in the subcamp of Neuengamme concentration camp. There are no witnesses or evidence for the crimes he is accused of.

The attorney general in Celle has closed investigations against a former concentration camp warden living in the US on suspicion of complicity in murder. Authorities announced on Thursday that deportation proceedings are ongoing against the 95-year-old in the US.

The German was charged with assisting in the killing of prisoners as a guard in an outer camp of the Neuengamme concentration camp in Emsland between January and early April 1945.

During his interrogation in the US, he admitted to guarding prisoners in the Meppen area for several weeks. He has not noticed any abuse or death.

According to the prosecutor, this confession could not be refuted by the suspect. The written material had been fully evaluated and there were no known surviving prisoners from the affected camps.

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