The record champion “is the last chance” for Leroy Sané

Leroy Sané is FC Bayern’s top transfer and German national team’s hope – and battles prejudice. Chillreport spoke to companions.

It was a spectacular sight when Leroy Sané in March 2019 in a graffiti jacket of lamb leather arrived at the hotel of the national team in Wolfsburg. Costs plus Louis Vuitton backpack and luxury sneakers: 25,000 euros.

Top transfer from FC Bayern and new Bundesliga superstar

Undoubtedly: the extravagant appearance belongs to the 24-year-old. But now, almost a year and a half later, he apparently wants to be what many actually see in him: Germany’s biggest football promise – and with the move to FC Bayern Munich, it should work. To do this, he must finally rebut a bias – one that has clung to him for years and from which he is getting further away: the image of the self-loving “bling-bling” professional.

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“FC Bayern is Leroy Sané’s last chance to show that he is world class,” Sky expert Dietmar Hamann told T-online before the opening game of the German record champion in the Bundesliga against Sané’s former employer Schalke 04 (Friday, 8.30pm). ). in the live ticker on Chillreport). Munich-born Hamann (143 competitive games for Bayern) knows the expectations in the FCB cosmos. So concerns circulate FC Bayern felt full after the triple – does Sané fit there?

“He’s not an extroverted man”

Is he overwhelmed by the task? In the past year, which has been difficult for him, Sané has made a huge step in development, says the industry: Back to itself. His cruciate ligament tear made him more reflective.

An old companion cannot understand the ‘bling-bling’ prejudice anyway: ‘He is not an extroverted type’, Aytekin Samast, formerly Sané’s trainer in the U9 and U10 of SG Wattenscheid 09, told Chillreport. “I saw him on TV how he was with Bayern with the Italians. Leroy laughed and I knew what he thought: that everything is so cheesy. I can imagine it very well, as he said: ‘Man, what’s up here? the hand?’ “It’s not his. Leroy’s an easy guy. Anyway, he’s with Bayern and has to go with them.”

The speech is from 3 July, when the Bavarians went to the Frauenkirche in Munich with their top transfer to the restaurant “Guido al Duomo”. Dine with a view of the new FC Bayern adventure world, as if the Bundesliga giant wanted to show his city: there it is!

Daughter is everything for the FC Bayern star

He does not come alone. The birth of his daughter Rio Stella made him more serious, it is said. The two-year-old daughter from the relationship with American model Candice Brook (33 years old) is considered his one and only. In addition, Sané became a father again in early August. His Instagram account documents this impression.

“Sané was a sun boy, but then became a father. That contributes to the maturation process,” said national record player and Sky expert Lothar Matthäus in an interview with Chillreport. As a boy he was already a “sonnyboy”, with his typical curly hair. “He was very fit, physically more advanced than his peers, also in terms of playfulness, as he thinks football. He could anticipate game situations before a match,” Samast recalls. “I always said he was going to be great.”

Fear opponents of Borussia Dortmund and Schalke

According to Samast, the national player was “already a leading player as a boy thanks to his talent and attitude. For players of the same age from the big clubs, Schalke, Borussia Dortmund and Bochum, he was a real opponent of fear,” he says. “They knew: at Wattenscheid there is someone we should pay attention to. He was always helpful to his teammates and joked with them.”

Dennis Aogo also confirms the impressions. “He’s a really nice, polite, almost shy boy,” the former international told Chillreport. Aogo was Sane’s teammate at Schalke between 2015 and 2016 before Sane joined Manchester City. “I think he’s always perceived a little differently than he actually is. Because of his relaxed pace, his charisma, his attitude,” said the Sky expert. In the locker room it was similar: “He’s easy going, jokes. He’s not one to be arrogant or think he’s the best. He was also working really hard outside of training. That’s why his mentality fits with Bayern. . “

Joachim Löw took him out of the DFB team

To this day it is not known why national coach Joachim Löw did without him at the catastrophic World Cup 2018. It was said that Sané had lost sight of his goals.
Typical? His youth trainer Norbert Elgert wrote in his biography (“Give up everything – just never give up!”): “Leroy is a handsome boy who already puts a lot of emphasis on his appearance. One day I grabbed him and asked him: What do you want? “Get real? Want to join a boy band? Or an actor? Or a model? Or maybe a professional footballer?”

Exemplary: Once upon a time the exceptional talent slept through a bus of the Schalke A youth. His mother Regina Weber, Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics (1984 in Los Angeles, ed.), Had to follow him.

Spot for his back tattoo

At the next tournament in Schwäbisch Hall, Elgert made him a kitman. “Norbert Elgert had realized for me that he didn’t necessarily have to be the most sensitive, but that one or the other kick in the butt would help,” Sané wrote in the biography greeting. The Essen resident caused a stir in the summer of 2017 when he canceled the Confed Cup. Sané preferred to use the time for nose surgery and before get a huge tattoo on your back.

Spicy: The artwork shows him cheering, which made him look ridiculous. For example, ex-ManCity colleague Raheem Sterling wrote on social media, “What a crappy tattoo. I’m Leroy Sané and I’m in love with myself.” Not everything went smoothly in Manchester. Coach Pep Guardiola also criticized him for lethargic workouts. Now he wants to prove it clearly to everyone.

There is no doubt that he can. “Sportingly, he’s the man for that special moment,” said Aogo: “I’m excited to see how he will hit Bayern after his cruciate ligament injury and whether he can live up to expectations after such a serious injury.”

One thing is clear: Leroy Sané must show at FC Bayern that he really is Germany’s greatest football promise – and not a “bling-bling” professional.

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