The refugee policy of Europe and Moria – the cold hearts

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we are experiencing a low point in European politics. The ruling parties call themselves “Christian” and evoke “solidarity” and “sense of responsibility” at every opportunity. But when the going gets tough, they reveal their own values ​​in front of the world. The drama about it Refugees on Lesvos is a shame for Europe. For the rulers in Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Brussels and the other capitals, but also for all of us: the citizens of Europe who are lucky enough to be born on a peaceful continent instead of next to a bomb crater in Syria or in a piece of misery in Syria. Afghanistan.

It is it that the Heads of State or Government have not been able to reach agreement on a constructive refugee and migration policy for years, even though there is no lack of ideas and concepts (e.g. here and here and here). But it is the other Merkel, Seehofer, Macron and the other drivers refuse to help women, children and men who need help in an acute emergency. Where are the charter flights, where is the large-scale emergency aid, where is the compassion?

Only a few hundred unaccompanied minors wants to record them – they leave the remaining 12,000 people in the swamp. You can set up new tents. In the battle between decency and calculation, they decide the wrong thing: better stop doing it, otherwise Poland, Hungary and the other refusing states would see their blockade confirmed and Germany alone would bear the burden again. There is also fear of the right-wing populists: Ms Merkel and Mr Seehofer also refuse Christian charity because they support the renewed power of the AfD to fear. The AfD has long reigned as an invisible shadow in the chancellery.

No one is demanding that Germany take in a million foreigners like in 2015. But to save a few thousand people who have lived in the mud for years without adequate medical care, without sufficient schools, without prospects, in Europe this should not be a matter of consideration. It’s a human obligation. Individual residents are said to have set camp Moria on fire, of course they must be investigated and brought to justice. But keeping all other migrants under common responsibility and abandoning them after the fire is cruel. How Mr. Orbán and Mr. Morawiecki can endure their cynicism themselves remains their secret. But when Ms Merkel, Mr Seehofer or Mr Macron subsequently swear Europe’s solidarity in a speech, they too will sound like hypocrites. Cold hearts.

You can already see: I am concerned about the situation in Lesvos. But it’s not the only topic my colleague Marc Krüger and I are talking about in today’s podcast. Please give us your ear and a few minutes of your time:

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