Mark Uth was lucky with bad luck. He “only” suffered a concussion after his collision. There were minutes of anxiety in Augsburg. Jonas Friedrich was there live – and describes his impressions.

Mark Uth is doing well. Schalke’s attacker, who had to be treated unconscious for minutes after a serious collision in the Bundesliga match between FC Augsburg and Schalke 04, reported from the hospital on Sunday evening.

The worst was to be feared when the one-time national player lay motionless on the ground before being carried off the field to the applause of his teammates and everyone else involved.

“At first it looked like a normal duel. When I saw that Uth wasn’t moving at all, it was clear to me: this is not cool,” said Sky commentator Jonas Friedrich, who played the game for a fee. TV broadcaster accompanied his impressions in an interview with Chillreport.

Friedrich: “Would have understood the demolition”

“It got bad shortly after the collision because from the reaction of the players in the neighborhood it was clear that it was serious. At the time it was not at all clear how he was doing. The situation was totally uncomfortable. For the players it must be done. being so. was incredibly difficult. “

Friedrich, who has worked for the Munich-Unterföhring station since 2012, found himself in an oppressive situation. “In such a situation I would of course have understood it if the match had been stopped. Both captains could have gone to the referee and said they did not want to continue. But Schalke wanted to continue.”

Referee Manuel Gräfe had offered the Schalke to whistle the match. But they wanted to keep playing for their injured teammate and get their first three since January – which they almost did (Read more about the game here).

The landscape was also special for Friedrich. As a commentator, he had to appropriately comment on the game overshadowed by the shocking incident – not an easy task.

“As long as it wasn’t clear how Mark Uth was doing, I had to put the sport in perspective. Normally, one or the other decision might be more discussed or judged. But then everything goes to the background,” says Friedrich. “It was important in the rest of the game to refrain from extremes and not make hard or definitive judgments.” This was easier for him ten minutes before half time, “when it was clear that Mark Uth could be contacted.”

The next “sports disaster”

Because the game had a lot to offer too – and especially for Schalke, there were several ups and downs. Marco Richter’s 2-2 equalizer meant the Royal Blues was the 27th league game in a row without a win. The last success dates from January 18, 2020.

“Sportingly, the Schalke team says for sure that they can get something positive out of the game. Not because of: ‘We were close'”, Friedich assesses the situation at Schalke. “The truth is, of course, that it was actually the next sports disaster.”

“That stoppage time in injury time – that’s brutal. You can see that the team’s confidence has been shaken to the core. But if you haven’t won since January, that’s anything but surprising.”

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